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Her Smile
Her smile makes me feel warm
Makes me feel safe
It makes me feel like there's no need for hate
And she smiles the kind of smile that lights up a room
That kind of smile where her eyes smile too
It's that sort of smile I can't look away from
With beautiful eyes that pin down and hold me
The type of smile where I forget to breathe
In that moment where time crawls and the rain falls down slowly
Her smile makes me feel calm
Her smile shows me all that's good in her and with the world
And I find comfort in that
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...Her name here...
I can't pull myself free
from this attraction I have.
It digs deeper and deeper
the more I ignore it.
It hurts me to feel this way
  but I can't push past it.
The thought of you pulls me down
  and feeds my worthlessness.
I'm tired of caring
when you don't feel the same way.
There's no point in thinking that
you'll have feelings for me.
I just want you to see me
  the same way I see you.
Tell me what I have to do
  to show you I am here.
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It’s seven AM. I can tell by the incessant beeping of my alarm clock. I'm going to be late for work again, like they even care. Hell, like I even care. I used to have that thing set for an hour earlier, but then I'd just snooze-button my way to seven, so why not cut to the chase, right?
God I hate my life. Well, if there even is a God, then I hate him for my crappy life. I get up and go to the bathroom as I usually do. Everyday. Get up, go to the bathroom, get out, get dressed, go back in, and freshen up. As I wash my face and stare in the mirror, I give myself my daily pep talk to start the day:
“This robot is obsolete. When does the new model come in?”
I lock the door as I exit my apartment. “Third from the left,” I tell myself. I only have four keys, but saying that makes it feel like more, like I have other places I can run away to. I walk straight passed the mailbox; bad news can wait until I get home… tomorrow.
It’s a quick walk to the bus st
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You're sitting there by yourself
And I think of all the ways I tried to meet you
Standing alone amongst the tide of people
I remember all the times I couldn't reach you
Together in the same crowded room
Surrounded by bodies we'll never call home
I think of the one thing I could never teach you
That I am here
I feel ashamed and want to hold you in my hands
If only for a moment I want to show you
that I am a man
But as the opportunity approaches
Vice sets in and I stand still like a stone
Like a slave too scared to defy his dead master's command
I watch you walk by agripped by my fear
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I remember You , My Friend
You're always there when I'm feeling down
Always there when I start to drown
You're there to catch me when I fall
There to hold me through it all
You keep me company when I'm alone
Keep me close when I'm far from home
You have my back when I'm feeling blue
You are my lonliness and I hate you
:icontheharpoknows:TheHarpoKnows 1 7
You No Longer Smile For Me
I find myself standing here
The credits have gone
the lights have turned on
but leaving is something I fear
I try to remember the best parts
The funny and warm scenes
That lit up the screen
Those things I'll keep close to my heart
The usher has come now
And he's waiting for me
He wants me to leave
But I can't now because I'm so down
'Sir, did you enjoy your movie?"
"Oh yes, I thought it was great"
"But what did you hate?"
... "She no longer smiles for me"
:icontheharpoknows:TheHarpoKnows 2 7
Surviving the Horror, Part 15
Page 15
Panel 1: Inside/Evening. Inside room 128. MALCOLM and VALENZUELA are in the shot. VALENZUELA has various 'magic stuff' sitting in a small pile on the bed (candles, tiny censers, etc.). MALCOLM looks like he's getting ready; he has a bandolier in his hand and a small box of bullets.
Let's take inventory, quick.
Is there any other way?
Panel 2: Colored background. Picture of a shotgun, two handguns, a rifle, one box of shotgun shells, ten shotgun slugs, a small pile of pistol rounds, and nine silver bullets.
Ok… 1 shotgun, two pistols, and a rifle…
…18 shells, 10 slugs, 26 pistol rounds, and… you only brought nine silver bullets?
Yes. Shut up.
Panel 2: Different colored background. Ten water vials of different shapes and one box of kosher salt that's opened in the corner.
… 10 vials of holy water… and about a quarter box o'salt, but sign downstairs said there's a restaurant, so we can get more.
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Surviving the Horror, Part 14
Page 14
Panel 1: Inside/Evening. High angle shot from the inside of a hotel room window, looking down into the courtyard. We can see zombies pulling themselves out of the ground.
Looks like we have half-deads.
Panel 2: Outside/Evening. Low angle shot from the courtyard looking up to the hotel room window. We're looking at MALCOLM who is looking down. Behind him is a profile shot of VALENZUELA. MALCOLM has a stone cold look on his face. We should be able to see a little of the building surrounding the window.
Think this has anything to do with the power going out?
I think the lightning and these things are related, yes.
Panel 3: Continuing shot of panel 2. VALENZUELA is no longer in the shot.
… Hotel's pretty packed tonight… there'll be a lot of deaths.
Loser goes?
Panel 4: Tight shot of MALCOLM and VALENZUELA'S hands. They're playing Paper, Rock, Scissors. Both hands are showing paper.
Panel 5: Similar shot to
:icontheharpoknows:TheHarpoKnows 0 1
Surviving the Horror, Page 13
Page 13
Panel 1: Inside/Evening. Medium shot of ROSEMARY, BILL, and VALERIE walking down the stairs from the restaurant to the lobby service counter. Again, most of our light is coming from Bill's lighter.
Elmer'll know if the fuses were blown.
Panel 2: Medium shot of the service counter. ROSEMARY is making her way to the office door behind the service counter. BILL and VALERIE are also in the panel.
Maybe he's already checking them?
Not here, is he? That's surprising.
What? He's oh for two.
Panel 3: Medium shot of ROSEMARY from the back. She's holding the office door open and looking inside. We can see the usual office stuff, but no Elmer.
Elmer? That's weird.
Panel 4: Shot of service counter again. VALERIE, BILL, and ROSEMARY are in the panel.
He's not here.
Well I don't feel like waiting.
Could you fix it if we found it?
Panel 5: Continuing shot. BILL is starti
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Surviving the Horror, Page 12
Page 12 (3 panels)
Panel 1: Indoors/Evening. Medium shot of VALERIE, BILL, and ROSEMARY. They are still in the restaurant and have all stood up from where they were sitting at the 2-seater. ROSEMARY and BILL are looking up at the ceiling. VALERIE is also in the panel.
I think that hit us!
Well, if you're lucky, then it only tripped the breakers. I doubt it, though.
Panel 2: Similar to panel one. ROSEMARY is starting to walk off panel to the right.
I think I'm going to ask Elmer to look into that.
Right. We're coming with you, then; I don't want to leave Val alone by herself.
Panel 3: Outside/Evening. Wide shot of the garden area. We're looking from the far end at the back of the restaurant. Through the windows we can see BILL, ROSEMARY, and VAERLIE in the restaurant. ROSEMARY is near the right side, close to the exit with BILL following closely behind her. VALERIE is some ways away, running to catch up. Since inside the restaurant is only being illuminat
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Surviving the Horror, Page 11
Page 11 (6 panels)
Panel 1: Indoors/Evening. Medium shot of BILL, VALERIE, and ROSEMARY. BILL and VALERIE are sitting at a two-seater in the restaurant. ROSEMARY is standing nearby holding two plates of burgers and fries. Behind them are a series of windows looking over the hotel's garden area.
Twenty minutes later…
Hope you don't mind hamburgers; nothing else was prepped out.
Not a problem.
I'm hungry for anything.
Panel 2: Medium shot. ROSEMARY pulls up a chair to sit next to BILL and VALERIE. BILL has both hands on his burger and has already taken a bite.
MUM (over BILL'S head): (mumble. Used like a sound effect, but meant to be something the character says or whispers.)
Is there a reason why you're closed tonight?
Dunno. We have a catered event tomorrow for this clothing company, but that's never stopped us before. I just wish I found out before I got here.
Wuf'but te Cummat?
Panel 3: Continuing shot. VALERIE is looking a
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Fall asleep
Heavy head starts to dream.
Soul to keep
The first thing I do is scream.
Heart's beating harder now.
Anxiety takes a bow.
Grabbing air,
Stuck out here on my own.
Wide open stare,
Plummeting like a stone.
Calling out loud for help.
Falling despite myself.
Hit the water,
Descending at 9 point 8.
Flailing harder,
Why can't I fight this fate?
Waiting beneath the comb.
Wading in monotones.
:icontheharpoknows:TheHarpoKnows 0 3
Another Dollar I'll Owe
This greedy, green demon
This lust without reason
This religion of More
Is another dollar I'll owe
To someone or something
To me it's worth nothing
But still a burden I tow
To another dollar I'll owe
And I can't fucking stand it
That this whole nagging planet
Measures life to this ore
That's another dollar I'll owe
:icontheharpoknows:TheHarpoKnows 0 2
Surviving the Horror, Page 10
Page 10 (8 panels)
Panel 1: Indoors/Evening. Tight bust shot of a shadowy figure. If you can see the wall in the panel, it's the figure that we've seen in panel six on page nine, so the pattern on the wall would be the same. Again, the figure is complete shadow, except for its glowing, red eyes.
"So tell me, is this place really haunted?"
Panel 2: Medium shot of a room in the hotel. Same set up as panel six on page nine. Panels 2-4 will all look the same, blocking-wise. Each one is going to show a person sleeping and a shadowy figure lurking nearby. The figures don't have to be the same. The people sleeping are either sleeping on their back, or facing us.
"I couldn't say to be honest. I've only been here less than a month."
Panel 3: See panel two.
"… but this one time, Chef and I were setting up for a party here. We had just stacked up a load of plates we wanted to use…"
Panel 4: See panel two.
"… and then, out of nowhere,
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This girl's amazing
I wanna scream
She makes me feel
Like I am the King
So incredibly wicked
So completely serene
And she does this thing
Felt like it's a dream
I feel I could fly
Off in zero g
So terribly mismatched
So perfect for me
Maybe I'll ask her
Get down on one knee
Two bodies combined
Soul bound infinitely
So distraught about Us
So amazed by the scene
I think we won't make it
And start to careen
Worried about burning
And going down in the flames
So in love with you babe
So torn in between
:icontheharpoknows:TheHarpoKnows 1 3
Surviving the Horror, Page 9
Page 9 (6 panels)
Panel 1: Indoors/Evening. Wide shot of ROSEMARY running through a dimly lit restaurant. The only light source are the chandeliers above head, which are set to give off minimal light. She'll be running to a door with windows, but I don't think the light will reach the side she's starting on. If we can see the back wall of the restaurant, there are a series of windows overlooking the hotel's garden.
Huh? Why're we closed? Where is everybody?
Panel 2: Tight shot of ROSEMARY'S back as she runs to a door. This door is made of wood and six clear panes of glass, running down it in two groups of three. There's light coming from the windows (the next room beyond has lights on). We can see, but not read, a note taped to the door.
SFX (over ROSEMARY'S head):
Panel 3: Very tight shot of the note, attached to the door. The note says:
Where are you? I closed the restaurant tonight because I thought you weren't coming. If you show up late, go home. If you don't show up a
:icontheharpoknows:TheHarpoKnows 0 0


King He-Man / Oil on Canvas by SiMoSol King He-Man / Oil on Canvas :iconsimosol:SiMoSol 133 11 ICO by Kuvshinov-Ilya ICO :iconkuvshinov-ilya:Kuvshinov-Ilya 4,382 104 String by Kuvshinov-Ilya String :iconkuvshinov-ilya:Kuvshinov-Ilya 6,110 67 Power Puffing Ladies by Artgerm Power Puffing Ladies :iconartgerm:Artgerm 23,472 1,291 DC Cover Girls - Ivy by Artgerm DC Cover Girls - Ivy :iconartgerm:Artgerm 15,890 363 Sherlock and Watson by TrevorGrove Sherlock and Watson :icontrevorgrove:TrevorGrove 2,459 308 Hanging at the Gundam Hotel by VampBeauty Hanging at the Gundam Hotel :iconvampbeauty:VampBeauty 2,672 295 Feliz Ano Novo by aarontyree23 Feliz Ano Novo :iconaarontyree23:aarontyree23 12,514 500 BL2 girls by doubleleaf BL2 girls :icondoubleleaf:doubleleaf 8,254 552 Solar System by Oddmachine Solar System :iconoddmachine:Oddmachine 5,618 688 The Tech by sakimichan The Tech :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 19,553 695 Striped by VampBeauty Striped :iconvampbeauty:VampBeauty 1,600 132 Supergirl close up by EnjiNight Supergirl close up :iconenjinight:EnjiNight 9,936 1,389
Draft: num. 1 - A New School.
A new school?
Well, not exactly the three words I would like to hear, but I have been to more schools in my life than foster homes. Would another new school really make a difference?
I didn't think so, if only you knew how wrong I was...
October welcomed November with open arms, the fall winds were growing colder and the grass courtyard outside my window was coated in a thin layer of rime.
I have been a part of the Rhys family for a little more than four weeks and Emelyn has decided that I have had more than enough time to settle in.
Today was going to be my first day at Cliffview Secondary and even with my multitude of high school experiences, this one made me feel nauseous and anxious, both at the same time.
After taking warm shower in an attempt to sooth my jumbled nerves, I slipped on a white cami, a black lace blouse, my torn skinnies, and paired it off with some black ballet flats Emelyn had bought me last week. The outfit was not really me, but I knew it would make her happy if
:iconfallensilently:FallenSilently 2 1
The League by diablo2003 The League :icondiablo2003:diablo2003 6,659 448 The Bear with the Belly shirt by CoranKizerStone The Bear with the Belly shirt :iconcorankizerstone:CoranKizerStone 2,567 288




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Yes, I'm fucking needy. I'll admit it. Work's been a drag, which feeds my overbearing Apathy. Hell, I'd settle for heartbreak at this point; it makes me more productive than I am now. I want to talk to someone creative. Maybe that should say with and not to...

Plans to work on projects with friends have fallen through and I've started having ideas for projects I've all but given up on. You see, as creative as my friends and I are, we don't converse about it. I think we're all collectively afraid that we'll rip off each other. That, or we secretly think that each of us is an idiotic sinkhole.
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